The Revolutionary Role
of IoT in
Energy Management

IoT benefits in energy management

🟣 Curious about what energy management is?
🟢 Wondered how IoT is helping shape the energy industry?
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What you will learn with this eBook

Energy Management System

Explore how an energy management system does much more than simply make an energy manager's life easier.

IoT for Smart Energy Management

Examine how implementing IoT technology is an innovative way to transform the energy sector.

Green IoT

Learn what "Green IoT" is, what geared its appearance, and how it will impact the environment.


This eBook is an overview of IoT energy management systems, a solution to today’s ever-rising energy hunger, and a path to a more aware and sustainable future.

The introduction presents the energy consumption by sectors during the year 2020 and a predictive calculation of energy savings that can be achieved. The first chapter defines energy management systems (EMS), lists the important features to consider while selecting the right EMS for your organization along with the key benefits of implementing one. The second chapter, presents the IoT solutions for smart energy management and its major perks for any sector consuming energy for its operation. The third chapter explores a new concept “Green IoT” by explaining its applications and future requirements. Finally, the conclusion highlights how IoT and energy management can benefit from one another for increased productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.