Equipment Monitoring

Maximize efficiency with real-time equipment monitoring

Emitu offers comprehensive real-time solutions for monitoring industrial equipment performance, usage, and condition. By collecting data on parameters like temperature, vibration, energy consumption, and operational status, organizations can optimize maintenance, detect issues promptly, and improve overall efficiency.

Smart monitoring for smarter decisions

Remote monitoring and diagnostics

Enable remote monitoring and issue diagnosis,

reducing maintenance costs and

response time.

Access to historical data

Monitor historical diagnostic data to recognize performance

patterns over time and compare these patterns with other

metrics to gain further context.


For all types
of equipments

Real-time data collection from industrial equipment, capturing production data, alarms, and status.

Remote Monitoring and Control of industrial equipment.

Real-time Issue Detection and Alerting about any abnormalities with the industrial equipment.

Flexible configurations, dashboards, and reporting capabilities.

Integrates seamlessly with existing industrial systems and equipment.

Advanced analytics techniques to process the collected data and generate meaningful insights.


Equipment Monitoring
Made Easy

  • Monitoring equipment parameters for optimization and identifying inefficiencies.
  • Tracking usage patterns for better asset allocation and resource management.
  • Optimizing maintenance schedules.
  • Reducing downtime.
  • Extending equipment lifespan.
  • Identifying potential hazards or malfunctions.

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