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Centralized Data

Collect and store data from multiple sources in one place for easy access and analysis. Get a comprehensive view of your operations and gain greater visibility and control. Real-time monitoring and analysis across multiple sites or devices is now possible with our centralized approach.

Multi-Protocol Support

Recognizing the diversity in the IoT landscape, Emitu embraces multi-protocol support. Our platform can seamlessly communicate with devices using different protocols such as Modbus, OPC-UA, MTConnect, and many more. Emitu bridges these protocols, ensuring that devices from diverse ecosystems interact harmoniously within a unified environment.

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Customizing Menu Entries

Users can effortlessly modify the names of menu entries within the platform. This means that instead of being bound by pre-set labels, customers can rename menu items to match their specific domain or industry terminology. Whether it's changing "Assets" to "Vehicles" or "Analytics" to "Insights," users have the freedom to adapt the platform's interface to their preferred language and context.

Custom Dashboards

The overall page layout can be tailored to meet the users' specific needs and preferences. Whether it's rearranging data visualization widgets, adding new charts, or tweaking existing ones, we can create custom data dashboards that provide insights tailored to the specific requirements of our customers. This flexibility empowers users to focus on the metrics and information that matter most to them, enhancing their decision-making processes.

rule engine

User-Defined Alerts and Notifications

Our IoT alert system is customizable to meet the specific needs of each user with multiple notification options: email, text message, or push notification. Users can easily configure thresholds and parameters for each alert and choose which devices or sensors trigger them. With this tailored experience, users can stay informed and act quickly to ensure smooth operations.


Emitu actuation capabilities allow for remote control and automation of devices, empowering efficient and timely intervention to address issues and optimize operations.


Tailored Reports and Analytics

Users can create fully customized reports focusing on the metrics and insights most relevant to their business. Whether generating reports for specific timeframes, regions, or specific device groups, Emitu IoT platform allows the creation of different types of reports to suit every internal stakeholder.

Various Metrics

Emitu IoT platform offers various metrics such as numeric, enumeration, boolean, and more. This allows users to capture and analyze different data types from IoT devices, enabling informed decision-making and effective IoT system management.


Role-Based Access Control

Emitu IoT platform provides the flexibility and control to manage user roles and permissions, allowing organizations to customize access and ensure data security.

Run Where You Want It

Emitu platform can run in any context, cloud, private cloud, or multi-cloud, and is compatible with most cloud providers such as AWS, GCP, or Azure. If you want full control over your data, we can deploy our platform on your own servers.

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