Asset Tracking

IoT Asset Tracking for Improved Operations

Emitu provides IoT solutions that allow for real-time tracking of equipment and inventory to give operational visibility. Our asset-tracking technology helps you improve efficiency, prevent loss, and optimize operations.

Get real-time visibility
at all times


Provides real-time tracking capabilities,

allowing businesses to monitor the location,

status, and movement of assets at any

given moment.

Enhanced visibility and management

Provides real-time visibility into

asset location and status,

optimizing utilization and

improving management.

Customizable Alerts and Notifications

Allows users to set up custom alerts and notifications based on specific conditions, to ensure proactive management and timely responses to critical asset events.



Asset Tracking

Indoor and outdoor real-time location tracking, with support for multi-floors buildings.

Real-time asset status monitoring: In use, available, in maintenance.

Combines location with sensor data, such as temperature or humidity.

Advanced geofencing and alerts engine.

Alerts for unauthorized movements, low battery levels, or maintenance schedules.

Customized reports on asset utilization, performance, and maintenance history.


The Future
of Smarter Operations

  • Optimizes operations and enhances business strategies.
  • Reduce expenses by automating processes.
  • Accurate asset tracking reduces search time.
  • Allows effective resource allocation.
  • Minimize lost or misplaced items.
  • Enables timely responses to unauthorized movements.

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