The next frontier for digital transformation: IoT

Emitu offers enterprise-grade Internet of Things (IoT) solutions combining smart sensors and software to gain real-time visibility over asset operations, usage, and status.

The Emitu advantages

Smart and Flexible

An industrial IoT platform adaptable to many use cases. Whatever your use case, our platform will enable you to deploy an IoT solution in just a few weeks.

Reduced Risk

We can deliver to you a proof-of-concept or a pilot based on your requirements. Try a new market or test a new operational process with a low budget and in just a few weeks.

We speak your language

We tailor our solution to your unique business processes. With flexible data models, custom dashboards, and templates, our software will speak your organization language fluently.

Turnkey Solutions

Whether you are building a proof of concept or launching to production, we will work with our hardware partners to get the best devices for your particular use case and provide any development necessary.


Remote Monitoring

Reduce downtime and improve efficiency with real-time asset monitoring.

Asset Tracking

Get real-time visibility of your operational processes and supply-chain.

Smart Buildings

Reduce costs by monitoring air quality, occupancy and energy.

Inventory Management

Get a complete overview of how your assets are being used.

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