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Emitu IoT platform enables you to gain real-time visibility over your asset operations, their usage, and status.

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Simpler IoT.
For real!

Locate. Monitor.
Measure. Improve.

IoT solutions rely on 4 pillars of value.

  • Tracking the location of your assets indoor and outdoor.
  • Sensors can be easily attached to assets, such as equipment, inventory, or buildings to monitor their condition.
  • With location and monitoring, you can measure your operational processes in real-time.
  • By getting real-time data on your business processes, you can improve your decision-making.

Advantages of
our IoT Platform

  • Adaptable
    Industrial IoT platform adaptable to many use cases
  • Headstart
    An innovative software architecture to speed up your IoT journey
  • Customized
    Tailored solution to meet your unique business requirements
  • Partnerships
    Partnered with the top tier hardware providers to offer the best devices and sensors for your particular use case


Our cloud platform offers scalability, flexibility, and security.

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Multidisciplinary solutions.
Endless applications.


Reduce downtime and improve efficiency with real-time asset monitoring.

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Get real-time visibility of your operational processes and supply-chain.

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for OEMs

Upgrade your products and offer new services for your customers.

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Reduce costs by monitoring air quality, occupancy, and energy consumption.

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Use Cases

Multiple industries.
Multiple contexts.

Get to know how Emitu can power your IoT deployment with ease,
with a low code and modular approach.


  • Cold-chain monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring for pharmacies
  • + 1 application
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  • Hospital equipment tracking
  • Remote monitoring
  • + 2 applications
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  • Shipment tracking
  • Reusable containers tracking
  • + 1 application
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  • Equipment monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • + 2 applications
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Smart Buildings

  • Real-time usage insights
  • Smart metering
  • + 1 application
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  • Predictive maintenance
  • Smart metering
  • + 1 application
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Digitally transform your
business processes.

Get real-time data

  • Improve your decision-making by getting real-time data
  • Save time and reduce your operational costs by getting real-time insights
  • Designed to adapt to every use case and context in your industry
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Get a headstart with IoT

  • No need to have a dedicated team and deep tech knowledge to build a working scalable solution
  • Start with our customized demo to see how fast and scalable it is
  • Test how your business processes are supported in location and condition-sensing technology

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Adaptable to your vision

  • Adapt the solution to your project’s scope and resources
  • Match our IoT solution with your company’s digital transformation strategy
  • Start with a proof-of-concept and scale whenever you want.
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