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Save energy and costs while boosting efficiency by gaining real-time insights on energy consumption, equipment monitoring, asset tracking, and sensor data.

Our Low-Code Framework and Smart Templates ensure quick deployment and customization to fit your unique needs.

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Launch and scale complex IoT solutions effortlessly 

Low-Code Framework

Unprecedented level of customization

We developed a low-code framework capable of setting up custom applications in a fraction of the time of traditional IoT solutions.

  • A familiar language with a smart editor that is fast and easy to use.
  • Consistent, universal method to change any platform feature instantly.
  • Reusable application templates and snippets.
  • Faster than drag-and-drop low-code solutions when the complexity of IoT solutions increases.

Smart Templates

Emitu Smart Templates offer instant custom applications for IoT solutions. These templates are pre-designed, reusable, and fully functional IoT use case designs. With a configuration-as-code approach, our templates allow immediate modifications to the use case and serve as a starting point for further customization, expediting the development of custom use cases.

Features over 300 different configuration tags

  • Visuals
  • Services
  • Hardware
  • Resources
  • Security

Benefits of our
IoT platform


Emitu's Low-code framework enables quick assembly of complete IoT applications, reducing coding efforts and expediting time-to-market.


Smart templates offer customizable blueprints for common IoT use cases, facilitating easy adaptation to specific business needs and swift integration of new features.

Lower Costs,
Enhanced ROI

By streamlining development and maintenance, Emitu lowers expenses and enables faster ROI, making IoT adoption accessible and financially viable for businesses.


Emitu seamlessly integrates with diverse hardware, cloud services, and third-party apps, maximizing IoT value.


Emitu prioritizes security with encryption and access controls, safeguarding data and mitigating cyber threats.


It adjusts to any use case thanks to the platform's flexible device, data, and procedure design.

Why Emitu

Building IoT Solutions has
never been easier
and faster

Hardware Agnostic

Our hardware-agnostic IoT platform provides device independence, flexible connectivity, device management abstraction, and data agnosticism, allowing it to work with various devices from different manufacturers and enabling interoperability and flexibility in building IoT solutions.

Use Case Agnostic

Our platform can adjust to any use case thanks to its flexible device, data, and procedure design. We can accommodate many IoT applications and use cases across different industries and verticals, providing flexibility and adaptability to address diverse business needs.

Customization 10x Faster

Benefit from faster customization at any stage, at the click of a button, with a consistent, universal method to change any platform feature instantly. Our low-code framework uses a familiar language with a smart editor that is fast and easy to use, and the reusable application templates and snippets save you time in writing code repeatedly.

All-in-One Software Ecosystem

Our platform has Edge, Mobile, Infrastructure, and Cloud software that seamlessly communicates out of the box. It offers a complete IoT package with device management, business assets, dashboards, menus, rules, automation, and many more modules.


Simpler IoT. For real!


Equipment Monitoring


Use Case

Customer Success Stories

Águas do Porto | A Leading Water Supplier in Portugal

Amorim Cork Composites | A Global Cork Industry World Leader

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing | A Portuguese Multinational Company

Torres Vedras Municipality | A Leader in Climate Change Adaptation

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