Energy Monitoring

Save more energy
with unprecedented level of customization

Emitu offers smart energy management solutions that analyze data from different IoT systems (energy meters, sensors, equipment, etc.) and provide actionable insights to allow you to maximize energy efficiency and reduce costs.

Energy monitoring made easy

Real-time monitoring

Monitor energy consumption in real-time: electricity, gas, water, compressed air, steam, etc, including renewable energy.

Energy cost savings

End-to-end solution to save costs by managing energy usage and reducing wastage.

Energy efficiency

Remote management of energy-consuming equipment such as HVAC, air compressors, etc.


Tailored energy

Real-time alerts and notifications
with advanced features.

Customizable workflows and automation.

Device actuation for load-shedding.


Analyze and compare
consumption trends.

access control.

Hardware-agnostic and multi-protocol support.


Save Energy Now

  • Remote centralized monitoring and control for multiple buildings.
  • Optimizes energy consumption and comfort.
  • Detect anomalies such as malfunctions, equipment running off-hours, etc.
  • Connects to PLCs or sensors to add additional data layers.
  • Custom reporting tool eases internal communication with stakeholders.
  • Track your carbon footprint more easily.

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