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Emitu is an innovative IoT platform that allows the development of highly customized, reusable, and adaptive IoT solutions.

Our ecosystem has several layers of technologies that enable seamless applications, empowering your company to create, connect, and innovate in IoT.

It all starts
at the Edge

Our Edge software is a robust application that can integrate with any type of hardware. From your shop floor equipment to the  myriad of wireless sensors available in the market.

Support all major fieldbus protocols

Enabling seamless integration and communication with diverse industrial devices. It provides compatibility, device connectivity, data exchange, monitoring, and control. It also enhances industrial automation and facilitates efficient device management.

Support for wireless sensors

Emitu Edge can get data from any type of sensor, be it Bluetooth, LoRA or NB-IoT. Easily add wireless sensors to your IoT solutions, such as temperature, humidity, vibration, pressure, etc.

Offline logic

It empowers IoT devices to operate intelligently and autonomously at our edge software. It also enables edge intelligence, autonomous operation, local data processing, event-driven actions, fault tolerance, and scalability. Besides, it ensures uninterrupted functionality and enhanced responsiveness in IoT deployments.


It enables remote control and automation of IoT devices at the edge. Users can send commands, trigger actions, and define rules for event-driven automation. The Edge software ensures real-time interaction, scalable control, and robust security for efficient device management.

Ready to manage thousands of devices

Emitu device management simplifies device provisioning, configuration, and monitoring. You can remotely manage firmware updates, diagnose issues, and ensure device security.

Remote Configuration

It supports configuration templates, and robust security measures, among many other configurations.

Our Edge software simplifies and streamlines configuration management to efficiently control device settings.

Over-the-air Updates

OTA enables remote and wireless updates of IoT devices. It supports firmware and software updates, version control, scheduling, and bandwidth optimization.

In addition, it simplifies the update process, ensuring that the devices stay up to date with enhanced functionality and security.

Flexibility for all types

of assets and data

Asset Management

Create and manage information on business assets and map them to the other IoT devices. This can be both generic and more specific regarding asset types that can be created using templates.

It provides real-time visibility, maintenance scheduling, utilization analysis, and enhanced security. Moreover, it covers the asset lifecycle, ensuring efficient asset management and improved operational efficiency.

Data Templates

They simplify the management and organization of IoT data. You can define its structured templates, validate incoming data, and organize it centrally.

Data integration, visualization, and analytics are streamlined. This feature enhances data quality, facilitates data-driven decision-making, and supports scalability.

Seamless integrations and control


Our Rest API enables seamless integration and data exchange with third-party software by providing HTTP/S endpoints that external applications can securely access.

It allows developers to retrieve data, submit data, control devices, receive event notifications, and ensure authentication and security. Our platform provides comprehensive developer resources for utilizing the REST API effectively.

Recursive Multi-tenancy

It enables efficient management of multiple tenants that can co-exist on the same instance, in which each can have its own subtenants, and they can have their subtenants as well.

It offers tenant hierarchy, isolation, resource sharing, customization, centralized administration, and scalability. Additionally ensures secure and tailored control of each tenant's IoT ecosystem.

Run it where
you want it


Our solutions are hosted at Amazon Web Services and comply with the best practices in security and reliability.

Whether you prefer the convenience of the cloud, the control of a private cloud, or the benefits of a multi-cloud strategy, Emitu caters to all preferences with ease and is compatible with most cloud providers, such as AWS, GCP, or Azure.


Our On-Premises solution combines security, data control, and seamless support to allow total focus on your core business objectives.

It helps you maintain sensitive information within your infrastructure, ensures compliance with regulations, and lets you implement your security protocols. Plus, it guarantees uninterrupted access to your business processes, even in unforeseen circumstances.

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