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IoT has boosted productivity, streamlined processes, and unveiled new options that make developing customized, adaptable, and flexible IoT solutions more accessible and practical.

In addition, a comprehensive ecosystem with cutting-edge technologies that connect people and things fosters creativity and excels in the IoT area.

But how can we help your company run at its maximum capacity in this dynamic and ever-changing technological environment? Our cutting-edge platform provides flexible, adaptable IoT solutions that use advanced technologies. We provide businesses with the skills they need to succeed in IoT by revealing hidden opportunities within their industry.

It all starts at the Edge

At the core of our ecosystem lies the robust Edge software, which serves as a gateway to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of hardware, from shop floor equipment to various wireless sensors available in the market. Our Edge supports all major fieldbus protocols, enabling effortless integration and communication with diverse industrial devices. This compatibility enhances industrial automation, facilitates efficient device management, and fosters data exchange, monitoring, and control. Additionally, our Edge effortlessly integrates wireless sensors, such as Bluetooth, LoRA, or NB-IoT, allowing businesses to gather critical data from temperature, humidity, vibration, pressure, and other sensors.

Offline Logic and Actuation

Our Edge empowers IoT devices to operate intelligently and autonomously with offline logic capabilities. IoT devices can function seamlessly without a constant internet connection by leveraging edge intelligence, local data processing, event-driven actions, and fault tolerance. This feature ensures uninterrupted functionality, enhances responsiveness and allows for scalable control and robust security. Moreover, our Edge software facilitates remote control and automation of IoT devices, enabling users to send commands, trigger actions, and define event-driven automation rules. Real-time interaction, efficient device management, and secure communication are the hallmarks of Emitu's actuation capabilities.

Ready to Manage Thousands of Devices

Our device management capabilities simplify the provisioning, configuration, and monitoring of IoT devices. With remote configuration support, businesses can efficiently control device settings using configuration templates and robust security measures. Emitu's Edge software enables over-the-air updates, allowing for wireless and remote updates of IoT devices. This feature streamlines the update process, ensures appliances stay up to date with enhanced functionality and security, and optimizes bandwidth utilization. Furthermore, Emitu's asset management feature allows businesses to create and manage information on their assets, providing real-time visibility, maintenance scheduling, utilization analysis, and improved security. This comprehensive asset lifecycle management ensures operational efficiency and effective utilization of resources.

Simplified Data Management

Data is the lifeblood of any IoT ecosystem, and we simplify data management with its data templates. By defining structured templates and validating incoming data, businesses can organize data centrally, streamline data integration, visualization, and analytics, and enhance data quality. Our data templates feature facilitates data-driven decision-making and scalability and supports the seamless flow of information throughout the IoT ecosystem.

Seamless Integration with REST API

Our REST API offers seamless integration and data exchange with third-party software. By providing secure HTTP/S endpoints, external applications can retrieve data, submit data, control devices, receive event notifications, and ensure authentication and security. Developers can access comprehensive resources to effectively utilize our REST API, enabling them to leverage the platform's full potential and integrate it seamlessly with existing systems.

Recursive Multi-Tenancy

Our ecosystem includes recursive multi-tenancy capabilities, allowing efficient management of multiple tenants within a single instance. Each tenant can have its subtenants, further enhancing customization, resource sharing, isolation, centralized administration, and scalability. Our recursive multi-tenancy ensures secure and tailored control of each tenant's IoT ecosystem, providing a flexible and robust solution for businesses of all sizes.

Our IoT ecosystem simplifies and empowers businesses to leverage the transformative potential of IoT. With its versatile Edge software, streamlined device management, simplified data management, seamless integration capabilities, and recursive multi-tenancy. We provides the tools necessary to create, connect, and innovate in the world of IoT. Whether you deploy on-premises or trust us with the management, the platform offers unparalleled flexibility, enhanced security, and complete control over your IoT ecosystem. Embrace our simplified IoT ecosystem and unlock the true potential of your business today.

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