Preventing Costly
Production Disruptions
at Amorim Cork Composites

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Corticeira Amorim, a prominent player in Portugal's industrial landscape, stands at the forefront of the global cork industry. Within this distinguished group lies Amorim Cork Composites, dedicated to pursuing sustainable solutions through the recycling, reuse, and innovation of natural and organic materials.

Photo Credit: Amorim Cork Composites

The Challenge

Amorim Cork Composites faced a critical issue on its shop floor, where a vital piece of equipment
regularly overheated, resulting in extensive repair costs and the disruption of a production line.
A thorough investigation revealed that clogged filters, caused by particles from the production
process, were to blame for the ventilation system malfunction.

Our Solution

Emitu stepped in with a cutting-edge, real-time monitoring solution designed to tackle the root causes of the problem. Leveraging LoRa technology for its exceptional range and power efficiency, the system featured an array of plug-and-play sensors. Emitu preconfigured the system for seamless installation, and Amorim Cork Composites' technicians had it up and running in under an hour.

Benefits Achieved

Streamlined Monitoring

Emitu's real-time solution eliminated the need for manual equipment checks, enabling technicians to prioritize critical tasks.

Cost Savings

The IoT solution prevented future equipment overheating, averting significant financial losses.

Preventing Future Losses

By preventing equipment overheating, the solution safeguards against significant losses and production interruptions.

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