Get continuous visibility of your assets

Boost your Digital Transformation journey by getting real-time visibility of your assets and processes with our IoT solutions.

Combining what provides value to you

We believe IoT platforms can provide more than just data visualization.
Get actionable data when combining application areas.

Condition Monitoring

Sensors can be easily attached to assets, such as equipment, inventory, or buildings, and can be a source of invaluable data.

Asset Tracking

If your processes rely on assets moving around, you can track them to have real-time location, indoor and outdoor.


Automate processes with the data from the sensors or assets’ locations. Feed 3rd-party systems, or enable process automation RPA with real-time data.

Features of the platform

No vendor lock-in

Our solution is hardware agnostic. It can work with most hardware manufacturers, adjusting smoothly to your needs.

Location technologies

Able to use different technologies such as Bluetooth or UWB.


Your brand with a custom domain.

Location based alerts

Get instant notification if equipment or workers enters a dangerous zone.

No data loss

It can combine data from real-time and asynchronous sources, such as data loggers.


You can change your IoT solution as you learn along the way

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