How it works

Custom IoT made easy.
It cannot be simpler.

Simplify your digital transformation process with our IoT platform.


Standard Platform + Recommended Sensors

Our off-the-shelf product is a ready-to-use IoT application platform that will be connected to our partner’s proven and tested sensors. Perfect for anyone who wants an easy, quick, and cost-effective IoT solution.

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Custom Platform + Industry Suitable Sensors

Tailored to your organization’s specific needs and coupled with the sensors that comply with your industry’s standards. It will be rigorously tested to communicate with the designated sensors.

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How it works

Apply. Connect.
Get phygital.

Apply Sensors

Take your object and apply the sensors.

Connect Gateways

Install the gateways on your system.

Manage in Cloud

See all your object data on the platform.


Change your IoT solution at any time, in a simple way

Customization always-on

Your business is always evolving.
IoT solutions should too.


At any time, you can add more devices to scale your solutions with just a few steps.


Adding more use cases is easy, and our platform supports an ever-growing number of them.


Integrating with third-party software is always simple: from day one to now.


With our API, you can extract the relevant data to power your decision-making or BI processes.


Powering up
the platform.


Our platform is hardware agnostic and is compatible with many sensor manufacturers. Choose from Bluetooth, LoRa, NB-IoT, GSM devices, among others.


A gateway can have wireless or wired sensors depending on the use case. We provide cost-effective solutions, from an indoor Bluetooth gateway to a robust outdoor LoRa gateway.


Connect your sensors directly to our services using the GSM or NB-IoT networks. For the gateways, you can use LoRa, GSM, or NB-IoT.


We design an IoT solution customized to your requirements and develop integrations with your services, such as an ERP or MRP.

Run the application

Run where you want it.
In the cloud or on-premises.

In the cloud

Emitu platform can run in any context, cloud, private cloud or multi-cloud, and is compatible with most cloud providers such as AWS, GCP or Azure.


If you want to have full control of your data, we can deploy our platform on your own servers.

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