Why Emitu

Simpler IoT for you.
We take care of the rest.

We offer an enterprise-grade platform that adapts continuously to your business without the hassle of custom development.

Simpler by nature.
Always better.

Hardware Agnostic

Works with most hardware manufacturers, adjusting smoothly to your needs.


Able to use the most common communication technologies available.


You can change your IoT solution as you learn along the way.


Our solution keep your devices always safe with over-the-air updates.


Able to manage multiple customers or companies hierarchically.

Real-world use-cases

Failure is a choice.

Most companies lack the knowledge to build scalable IoT solutions in-house, whereas custom IoT providers are expensive and slow to deliver, and ready-made solutions are limited.

If you are an enterprise or SME

Opting for in-house IoT development

Why in-house IoT developing fails most of the time?
  • Difficulty to scale to thousands of devices
  • Lack of knowledge and expertise of the internal team
  • Steep learning curve of IoT
  • Constant investment to maintain its operation and security
No need for expensive in-house IoT development.

Emitu offers a solution that allows you to have a complete and scalable IoT solution at a fraction of the time of traditional solutions or in-house development. And our always-on customization provides instant adaptability to your future needs.

If you are a system integrator

Opting for a generic platform

Why generic platforms make your life harder?
  • Complicated setup process
  • Lack of flexibility of the platform to match different needs
  • Limited range of use cases/industry applications
Emitu is the go-to platform for you.

The low-code framework built on top of our platform allows you to provide quicker tailor-made solutions to your customers while decreasing costs. With Emitu, you can solve more customers’ needs increasing your overall revenue.

How it compares

We are the next generation
of Industrial IoT.


  • Combines the flexibility of a generic platform with the speed of a specific platform
  • Offers a more future-proof solution to digitalize your business processes


  • Higher support for different HW vendors
  • Needs additional development to provide maximum value to the customer
  • Low adaptability to the use case


  • Provides instant maximum value to the customer
  • Only serves a specific use case
  • Needs multiple providers to serve all the business needs

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