Quickly deploy IoT Solutions

We built our Internet of Things framework to adapt to every use case, whatever the industry, from Supply Chain to Smart Equipment.


Software gateway

A secure and advanced bridge between the devices and the cloud services

Location Engine

Indoor and outdoor. Supports multi-floor buildings

Alert Engine

User-defined alerts for sensors, location, and devices

Automated Reports

User-defined report routines

Device management

Get real-time status of your devices, including connectivity and battery


Keep your devices safe with over-the-air updates

A Software Gateway that makes your life easier

Deploying and maintaining thousands of sensors in the field can be a challenging task without an appropriate management system. Our software gateway instantly connects your devices to our cloud, providing security, cloud-based configuration management and connectivity.

Wide range of connectors

Support for Bluetooth, MQTT, HTTPs, OPC-UA and many others

Security by design

Secure gateway activation and remote updates to keep your devices updated

An enterprise-grade cloud platform for all your use cases

Built for the most demanding customers, our cloud platform offers scalability, flexibility, and security. Able to work in operating environments with thousands of sensors, millions of messages per day, while complying with the latest security best practices.

In the cloud or on-premises

Run it where you want

Easy external access

Use our robust API to connect your software to the platform

We’re your IoT workforce

Future-proof solution

Our platform supports legacy systems and the best IoT devices using NB-IoT, LoRa, GSM, 5G. Whenever you want to upgrade your IoT strategy, we got you covered.

Business logic

We designed our platform to add support for your organization's business logic. You don't need to develop your business logic stack.


With the REST API, you can easily connect our platform to your ERP, MRP, or any 3rd-party system.

In the cloud or on-premises

You choose where you want your data: in our cloud, in a private cloud or on-premises.


Our platform is hardware agnostic and is compatible with most sensor manufacturers. We’ll help you choose among the myriad of devices depending on your specific requirements. From equipment vibration in industrial settings to particle monitoring in smart buildings. Choose from the best Bluetooth, LoRa, NB-IoT or GSM devices in the market.

A gateway is an important layer between the sensors and the cloud services, and it can have wireless or wired sensors depending on the use case. By using the most adequate hardware for any project, we can provide cost-effective solutions, from an indoor Bluetooth gateway to a robust outdoor LoRa gateway.

There are various types of networks that can be used to connect sensors or gateways to our cloud services. You can connect your sensors directly to our services using the GSM, or NB-IoT networks. For the gateways, you can use LoRa, GSM or NB-IoT. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, we’ll help you choose the most adequate one for your needs.

Deploying an IoT solution may require customization and integration with your own services, such as an ERP or MRP. We can develop the software for your unique requirements, including RPA and provide you a complete solution.

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