Increase your Asset Intelligence



An Industrial IoT solution adaptable to many use cases.



Easily share data with any third-party software.



An architecture with security by design.



No business data leaves your organization.

Real-time Asset Intelligence

Use our next-generation Real-time Location System to track your assets. Our low-cost, high-accuracy solution can be used in applications for tracking assets like inventory, equipment or your workforce.

Hardware agnostic

Compatible with the tags from most hardware manufacturers.

Location technologies

Depending on the level of accuracy you need, we can use different technologies.


Keep the devices safe and updated automatically with over-the-air updates.

Location based alerts

Get a notification if an equipment or worker enters a dangerous zone.

No data loss

Can combine data from real-time and delayed sources.

Fleet management

Get real-time status of the devices such as battery level, connectivity, etc..

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Emitu develops Industrial Internet of Things solutions based in indoor location and condition monitoring to help organizations make data-driven decisions, automate processes and streamline operations.
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