• Real-time usage insights
  • Smart metering
  • Equipment monitoring

Real-time usage insights

IoT triggers powerful insights for various applications in buildings, such as air quality monitoring, occupancy, and workspace utilization, among other features.

Real-time insights extend to every digital representation of the physical building.

Smart metering

You can automatically read measured values ​​from existing electricity and water meters and other measuring devices using easy-to-install devices.

With our solution, wireless technologies like LoRaWAN or NB-IoT enable automated meter reading across great distances, including deep basements.

Equipment monitoring

IoT sensors monitor equipment operational parameters like chillers, air handling units, boilers, or any of the building’s equipment.

By remotely monitoring buildings with IoT, it is easy to obtain real-time insights to engage in proactive maintenance and asset upkeep to provide maximum ROI.

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