• Equipment monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Employee safety
  • Predictive maintenance

Equipment monitoring

Shop floor equipment can be monitored, providing real-time insights into the status of the production process.

Operating parameters such as working hours, temperature, pressure, vibration, alarms, and many others can be monitored using wireless IoT sensors or by pushing data directly from the PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller).

Asset tracking

Keep track of assets like inventory and equipment in large industrial buildings, indoor or outdoor.

Using cost-effective devices, you can track in real-time the whereabouts, status, and movement of your most important assets and get a bird’s eye view of the supply chain status or the production process.

Employee safety

IoT improves personnel safety in different industries by using smart devices that can continually monitor lone workers' health parameters and abnormal inactivity. It aids in determining the employees' exposure to operational stress and pollution and overall movement.

The data gathered can assist you in improving your compliance structure and lowering your insurance rates.

Predictive maintenance

You can monitor any equipment's operational parameters, such as vibration or temperature, and get essential insights into the actual wear and tear.

IoT can help field workers provide a prompt service that reduces downtime, increases maintenance efficiency, and significant cost savings.

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