• Shipment tracking
  • Reusable containers tracking
  • Vehicle inventory management

Shipment tracking

Real-time tracking enables both transparency and accountability, which are important aspects of an efficient supply chain.

High-value products benefit from real-time tracking, so through the use of IoT data and device check-ins, all steps of a shipment's chain of custody may be traced and confirmed.

Reusable containers tracking

IoT helps manage your fleet of reusable containers, by tracking the location, movements, shipments, and returns.

A container tracking system increases the productivity of your fleet and reduces costs in replacement due to loss, theft, and damage.

Vehicle inventory management

Our solution helps car rentals and dealerships manage the movements, location, and status of their inventory.

IoT eliminates manual logistical processes with automated vehicle location, reducing errors and costs while providing real-time inventory management.

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