• Hospital equipment tracking
  • Remote monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring for pharmacies
  • Patient monitoring

Hospital equipment tracking

Critical medical equipment such as IV pumps can be tracked inside a hospital, reducing costs related to loss and theft whilst improving patient care.

Our asset tracking solution can track any asset indoors and support multi-floor buildings, helping medical staff locate medical equipment instantly.

Remote monitoring

By remotely monitoring spaces and equipment with IoT sensors, it is easy to obtain real-time insights into temperature, humidity, pressure, air quality, and occupancy of rooms.

Additionally, sensors can also monitor the operational parameters of equipment like chillers, air handling units, boilers, or any of the building’s equipment.

Temperature monitoring for pharmacies

IoT can help pharmacies ensure medication maintains its efficacy through real-time temperature monitoring. 

Instant alerts can be sent when refrigerators and freezers have temperature issues. Emitu platform offers peace of mind by monitoring the equipment with wireless sensors, simplifying the compliance with the centralization of reports and log audits.

Patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring enables monitoring and capturing of patients’ critical health data.

It transmits information electronically to healthcare providers for assessment.

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