• Cold-chain monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring for pharmacies
  • Location-based temperature monitoring

Cold-chain monitoring

Our IoT solution can monitor temperature-sensitive items, such as vaccines, in real-time, ensuring that those assets are stored and transported in a controlled environment.

Sensors can be installed on pallets, boxes, or vehicles to provide continuous visibility over the cold-chain logistics processes.

Temperature monitoring for pharmacies

IoT can help pharmacies ensure medication maintains its efficacy through real-time temperature monitoring. 

Instant alerts can be sent when refrigerators and freezers have temperature issues. Emitu platform offers peace of mind by monitoring the equipment with wireless sensors, simplifying the compliance with the centralization of reports and log audits.

Location-based temperature monitoring

Our solution enables real-time and location-based cold-chain visibility for your fleet, providing automated data logging, shipment, and delivery reports.

With IoT for cold-chain, you can view your critical shipments' temperature, path, and location during transport or in the yard.

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